Solutions for the Puget Sound area

Here in the Pacific Northwest all of the wet weather we get can cause drainage and water issues around our properties. From overflowing downspouts, foundation and basement flooding, to driveway and yard drainage we work with just about every type of drainage project imaginable. We specialize in drainage projects and also do the landscape installation. We understand that you want your property to be free from any drainage problems and also look great at the same time. That is why we take care and are minimally invasive during installation of drainage systems. We have the tools, equipment and experience to put your property back to better than original its condition!  We also have experience and access to new innovative products that cut down installation time saving you money.

Solution Services

  • French drains
  • Permeable Pavers
  • Curtain drains
  • Down spouts
  • Water gardens
  • Sump pump installation/repair

In some of the pictures in the picture gallery, you will see examples of a recent Sump Pump installation. These systems are similar to what you would see in a septic system.  It is installed on the outside of the house, even though the water problem is under the house. There is usually no reason that the pump has to be installed in your crawl space. We install an all gravity french drain system under the house around the perimeter. This system outlets under the foundation into a 2’ diameter sump located next to the house with a sealed bottom and top.

When your pump is installed under the house it is difficult to access it for inspection or maintenance. By installing it outside it allows for easy access and the ability to install a larger sump.

The deeper the sump the more water that can be collected before pumping. The more water that can be pumped at once decreases the wear and tear of constant start up and shutdown which would shorten the life of your pump. This is where the separate adjustable float and float tree come in. We are able ensure that pump activates and deactivates at the correct times to optimize efficiency. The Pumps that we use are septic grade and able to pass ½” solids which prevents unnecessary tripping of breakers and maintenance of less capable pumps. Above the pump on the outlet we install a back flow preventer to keep water from feeding back into the pump chamber. As well as unions that allow for easy removal of the Pump with no tools.

Take a few minutes and look at the pictures on this page and then give us a call.