Drainage Water Management Projects

by | Oct 3, 2015

Drainage Projects for the Olympia and Surrounding Areas

In Washington state, proper drainage is essential for your home and property. At All Things Dirt Excavating & Landscaping, we take pride in the drainage projects that we complete for our customers. Doing it right, means the use of the correct materials, and constructing the project in a way that fits your unique drainage problem. The below pictures are recent examples of projects.

Installing 100′ of French drain 3′ deep in less then 8 hrs. Thanks to new pre-assembled drainage system. Drainage problems don’t usually appear in the Summer. It isn’t until the rain starts to fall that our customer’s realizes that there is a problem. Although the rain can cause construction problems, we work as quickly and effectively as the conditions allow. As soon as you discover a problem, contact us, and we will provide suggestions and estimates on how to fix your water problems.

All Things Dirt Excavating & Landscaping, Inc. is licensed, bonded and insured – ALLTHTD921QG – Olympia, WA.

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Completing a Drainage Project 2015 Completing drainage project installing tile

And here is an example of a horse arena that we constructed for a customer. Drainage is an important component of a well built horse arena. This one stayed dry even with 6″ of rain.

Dry Riding Arena


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