Gravel Driveway Maintenance, Repairs and Installation

by | Dec 3, 2019

Watch the below video that show how these specialized tools are used for gravel driveway maintenance.


When designing a new driveway, we consider many factors including type of vehicle traffic, slope, existing soil type, drainage and vehicle speeds.  Based on these considerations we can design you a driveway or gravel road that will last for many years.

Maintenance and Repairs

There are different factors that cause potholes such as improper base, improper grading, type of gravel, and vehicle speed. We can help you with not only repairing the potholes, but also improving the grading, applying proper gravel, and to repair or add proper drainage for the driveway.

At All Things Dirt Excavating & Landscaping in Olympia, WA,  we have a very specialized gravel driveway maintenance tool called a Harley rake. This tool breaks up the compacted gravel at the bottom and around the pothole.  It also remixes the gravel and fills in the potholes at the same time. Depending on driveway conditions new gravel may not even be needed. The final most important often overlooked step is compaction.  We have a heavy duty roller compactor that we use to make sure your gravel stays in place. Compaction is key to having a long lasting gravel road.

Types of rock: Did you know the geology behind your driveway gravel?  A very popular gravel to use in Washington state is black basalt. This type of rock comes in many sizes and has a very attractive look. One down side of basalt is that it is a softer rock. The smaller 5/8” rock will break down over time and require more up keep.  Basalt is essentially lava that has cooled more rapidly than say a rock like granite that has cooled slowly below the earth’s surface.  There are a few quarries in Washington that crush granite but it is often not cost effective for most locations. Crushed pit run or river rock is the next best option. This rock is mined from deposits throughout the state. The sandy rock combination is ran through crushers to make the desired size gravel. There is a mixed of rock in crushed pit run but predominantly it is granite and other hard rocks.

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