Stump Grinding Service

by | Jan 14, 2017

Horse Power Results in Cost Savings

Our stump grinding service specializes in large stumps and properties with many stumps. Our 108 horse power machine is fast and effective. Grinding vs digging out stumps with over 10 years experience in the land clearing industry we have done it both ways and here is what we have found.

Digging takes a big machine to do it quickly. That means the larger machine increases the costs. In many situations, it is not cost effective to bring in a 30,000 lb. excavator to pull 1-5 stumps. Doing this work with a smaller machine and a highly skilled operator is a better solution. Hauling away the stump is the next step.

Hauling Stumps

Stumps are very awkward to pack into a dump truck due to the root structures, so depending on the stump you may only get one to two large stumps into a truck. Once the stump is loaded into a truck it is sent to a disposal site where you will pay between $100-$200 per 10 yard load of stumps for the disposal.
No matter how big the stump, grinding is done with a compact, cost-effective, machine. Customers can decide to grind the stump out completely or just below the surface to match their needs and budget. Once the stump is ground out, the mulch that remains can be spread out or easily hauled away. Depending on the situation, there is typically a 50% cost savings to have the stump ground out.

Hauling Mulch

Even if you want it gone, it takes about the same time to dig it out with a very large expensive excavator. Spreading or removing the mulch from your site is easier than disposing of stumps. In mulch form, one dump truck load can haul ten times more stumps than when they are in their natural form.
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When calling, please provide information on the following questions:
  1. How many inches is the stump in diameter at ground level? (See the below picture for guidance in measuring the diameter of the stump.)
  2. What is the height of the stump?
  3. Is the stump located near any utilities?
  4. Is the stump in the front or backyard?
  5. Is the stump in a location that a pickup truck could backup to it?
  6. Are there any obstacles or hazards that need to be avoided near the stump?
  7. Is the stump located in rocky soil?

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