Weather Forecast

by | Oct 4, 2015

The weather forecast for the Olympia and Puget Sound area

The capabilities are impressive. The site uses NOAA information to create some very useful animated maps, for wind, temperature, clouds, rain, snow, wave heights – with several sub settings as well. The maps are scalable and are able to pinpoint conditions for your area. For NW Green Clearing and All Things Dirt Excavating & Landscaping, weather matters for our work. We hope you find the maps interesting and useful. Clicking on the name in the upper left hand corner of the map will bring you to the full map with the legend that will describe what the various colors on the map represent. There is also a legend on the map below. Try it out and change the settings to see the conditions for your area – or anywhere in the world. 

Try it out and explore the features of – and give NW Green Clearing and All Things Dirt Excavating & Landscaping a call for a bid for your project.

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